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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Remember this little guy?...

I had to post the rest of my sisters sleepy little baby Vann's portraits from our session...

The funny thing is that I have never really considered myself a baby photographer. You would never guess that from my blog recently.. (= I love being able to interact with little kids and people and create reactions that look great on camera. Babies are unpredictable and take alot more patience... (= but it's been so much fun shooting all these babies! It seems like everyone lately is popping out these cute little guys, including myself! (= It'll be fun to see them all grow up throughout the years and be able to look back at how sweet and tiny they were at one time... If only my sweet little girl Mika would have been such a sleepy baby like Vann instead of a colicky one... we would have gotten alot more portraits! (=

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It's me!....Jill said...

Thanks for taking so many cute pictures of Vann. I am so lucky to have you do that for me.