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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

And more Mika...

So my blog may be filled with pics of my sweet daughters Maddy and Mika for awhile since I am taking a short maternity leave to focus on my family for a couple months. I still need my photography fix and whether they like it or not, my little girls get to be my models! We haven't ventured too much outdoors since Mika is still small, so I set up studio on my bed, couch, or wherever the natural light hits and take pics whenever I get the urge and my little girls will let me!

Here is my baby girl Mika modeling her cute little hair flower and outfit given to her by my good friend Katie of Mia Moo Designs... Check out her blog to purchase cute hair accessories, dresses and more... This little girl laughs in her sleep! We will hear these funny little giggles and look down at her and she is actually laughing! (Probably thinking of all the funny things she can do to make sure mommy doesn't sleep at night (= )! She smiles a ton too...

Thanks Katie! Love the little tootoo!

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